Monday, 18 April 2011

RTE News - Virtual Sets Trickery

This brief for this job was essentially to make the RTE News Studio look bigger and more impressive than it actually is. An artificial 'other side' of the studio was built in 3d complete with TV cameras with blinking lights, to look more pleasing than the existing restrictive wall and unsightly cables and accoutrements. A gobo light effect was then placed on the floor with the title of the bulletin. Creating this in 3d meant I could get accurate reflections in the floor etc. So everyday it is overlay-ed on the real live shot to give the impression of a more impressive, cohesive studio setup. All in a day's work for the artificial nature of television.
// Art Direction & Client for RTE News - Mick Nalty
// 3d Animation, Tracking, Effects - Alan Eddie
// An RTÉ Graphic Design Department production
// ©RTÉ


Friday, 15 April 2011

New Season 2010/2011 (RTE)

This was a full 3d and VFX job for RTE New Season Launch 2010. For those unfamiliar - RTE is a public service broadcaster in Ireland, in the same vein as the BBC in the UK. This piece was made for a press launch in RTE and used subsequently in on-air promotions on RTE. I am very happy with how this turned out, I feel it took on a life of it's own and has the feeling of a real epic space that you could almost walk into. This has a lot to do with Alan Dunne, the designer and art director on the project. The music is by Alexander Desplat ( This track was not used in the final draft (or broadcast) but it was the track that drove the design and mood of the animation - so we have included it here. This animation was also used in the promotion of RTE TWO HD in 2011.

// Design and Art Direction - Alan Dunne
//Additional Design - Alan Eddie
// 3d Animation, VFX and compositing - Alan Eddie
//Client - Jim Booth, RTE
// An RTÉ Graphic Design Department production
// ©RTÉ