Monday, 17 September 2012

IntelliFolders for After Effects


Intellifolders creates folders intelligently for items in the render queue.
Buy this script ($12.99) at

Creates folders based on composition names / filenames.
-5 options for output location

1.Project location (Where .aep file is saved.)  
2.Last used location  (remembered between sessions.)  
3.New location (Set all outputs to new folder.)  
4.Current location(s)   
5.Memo location - save a location that you use regularly.

-Test your paths before you actually create them.  Paths will list without affecting the render Q,  
when happy just click "Execute"
-Option to append a custom string to the folders (eg. -version2)
-Option to create folders just for sequences or all items   (.mov, .avi etc.).
-Option to append today's date to the folders created.  (USA or EU format.)
-Option to make folder from filename rather than comp name.
-Option to use item and module numbering.
-Script checks for existing folders if you are creating one with the same name,
 it will skip the module and continue.
Keep up to date on / @AEDScripts
 & Thanks for buying this script!

Tidy Up for Adobe After Effects

Are you a messy motion graphics artist?

Sort the project panel into folders. Looks at the items in the project panel and tidies them up into new folders. Choose your own folder names. (remembered between sessions) Any old folders are dropped into ‘Old Folders’. It’s also a useful way of isolating missing footage or perhaps footage from stills and to reveal your missing items too. See how many items are in your folders by revealing the comment tab in the project panel.You can tidy only certain types if you wish, like if you want to put all vectors and missing footage into their own folders. Also included an 'Ignore selected option to exclude files and folders (with their contents) that are selected in the root of the project panel. 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Isolate Script for #aftereffects -tw

Focus on the layers you want :
Click =           Isolate in timeline, shy and lock other layers.
 Shift Click=     Isolate layers based on label colour (CS5+).
 Alt Click =       Isolate in timeline with solo, shy and lock other layers.
 Alt & Shift =     Solo selected layers in timeline.

 Isolates  layers in your comp based on what modifier keys are held down. Adds a bug to the comp to indicate being in "Isolate" mode. Simply click again to un-isolate. Script comes with a user interface or there is a version for use in other toolbars. Instructions in video to set up a keyboard shortcut to use the script too.  See video on or for more information and tips.

Friday, 11 May 2012

The Saturday Night Show

The Saturday Night Show Opening Title - This was designed by Linda Griffin and then became a hybrid production job between myself and Ian Kenny (Benny). Benny did a lot of the illustration and character animation, I did the 3d and composition. For instance we used Benny's cat which my (3d) moped dodges.A nice working combination.
//Design - Linda Griffin
//2d animation/Backgrounds - Ian Kenny
//3d animation & VFX - Alan Eddie

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


So I was asked to do an illustration for my friend Mike's wedding!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Titanic & Fr. Brown

Graphic novel in progress by friend Alan Dunne... Well worth checking out.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Dr.Fairytalez - Interactive story/game (2001) - student project

Found this buried on my hard drive, my student project for my degree in Interactive Multimedia. I know it's pretty rough around the edges - but I kind of enjoyed seeing it again. It has some interesting takes on interactive story telling. It's only now that I can see how I was heavily influenced by the original Austin Power's film! //Alan Eddie - everything. //©DLIADT and Alan Eddie

Coming Soon for After Effects...

So I have more scripts in the pipeline, namely Super Render.
This aims to rid the user of fiddling around with output modules and navigating and creating folders for renders.
Using templating and a master folder setting - things just got easier! Stay tuned.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Corner Cutters for After Effects v1.0

For those in TV/Design/Film/Games or Web work:
Corner Cutters do the donkey work. You focus on the good stuff. A collection of utility scripts to make your life easier in Adobe After Effects. Runs on a toolbar, the aim being to reduce repetitive clicking as much as possible simplifying many tasks. Have a look at the videos ( link below) to see what might be of use to you.
16 tools included. I have been using After Effects for 14 years so I know what has been annoying you!

Available  here for a few dollars!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Six Nations Rugby Title - RTÉ Sport

A game of fire and thrones, crowes and lambas bread in Iceland mixed up with Rugby and maximum power. Fun title for RTÉ Sport.
//Alan Dunne/Composite & Rotoscope
//Alan Eddie/3D Animation
//Mick McKeon/Creative Director & Rotoscsope
//Chris McEvoy/Rotoscope
//David Berry/Offline Edit
//Nigel McGuinness/Editorial & Sound Director
//RTÉ Graphic Design Department production for RTÉ Sport

6 Nations Rugby Title: 'Volcano' from Alan Dunne on Vimeo.