Thursday, 27 October 2011

RTE Jr Branding Ident Animations

I should have stuck this up a long time ago. The look of RTE Jr was created by Conor Cassidy and produced and animated by myself. Great fun working on these, we packed a lot in so they would have a long shelf life. We hope that kids gradually notice different bits and pieces in them over time. The project is actually an even mix between 2d and 3d. Each ident here is back to back with Halloween and Xmas. There will be more of these produced over time.

//Client - Jim Booth, RTE Promotions Dept.
// Design, Concept and Art Direction - Conor Cassidy
// Alan Eddie - 2d, 3d animation, compositing and art direction
// Audio Design - Ivan Fitzpatrick (
// Assistant Animation - Fran Power, Chris McEvoy
// An RTÉ Graphic Design Department production
// ©RTÉ

Tyres f/x shot for RTE's Primetime

I am currently rummaging about my archive of work. I'll start posting some stuff that I think was interesting over the next little while, this is one to get started.
This SFX shot was made for a Primetime documentary about tyre dumping in Ireland and exploitation of government incentives. It's a simple shot and the result is suitably eerie. It makes me think of shots in Kubrick's 'The Shining'.
//Glen Forde - Art Direction
// Alan Eddie - 2d, 3d animation, compositing.
// An RTÉ Graphic Design Department production.
// ©RTÉ
// Prime Time Investigates: Tyres - A Dirty Business - Paul Maguire/David Doran/Brian Paircéir