Friday, 29 January 2010

Sommersby - short film

Well well, I have been busy making a short film with Alan Dunne (or to put it another way not busy at all). We decided to put an extreme lack of planning at the center of this project and just sort of wing it. Our prep work involved 5 min of scribbles in a pub. To look out for: Alan Dunne's earrings are 20c coins sellotaped to his ears. The military arms on my hat are literally 2 cigarettes. My Ford focus is actually not a horse. When Alan is at the window we lost Edward (the cat) so in a brilliant piece of problem solving I suggested to keep stroking as if there was a cat present. If you have seen 'Sommersby' you will know that the central plot is ridiculously funny, which renders this piece of work as something more somber. mmmmmm.