Wednesday, 23 March 2011

World's Cheapest Bullet Time

Broken chair and a brush wrapped in green paper.
This effects shot was achieved by moving the action in 3d space rather than moving the camera in 3d space. Then I created an artificial 3d background and moved it in the inverse direction to simulate the movement of the camera. The camera doesn't actually move in reality or the 3d virtual camera in Softimage doesn't move either. The trick here (much credit to Mick McKeon - Senior designer in RTE), was the use of a broken office chair to rotate Scott and the use of a broken brush wrapped in green paper to rotate him in position. Even the footage was shot on a crappy hybrid cam. You won't find any computerized RED camera rig here with synchronization software, just a broken sweeping brush really.

World's most expensive bullet time:

Design : Mick McKeon, Scott Bryan, Alan Eddie
Production/Animation/f/x : Alan Eddie
Project: "MNS" (Monday Night Soccer) for RTE Television - Ireland.