Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Little Bit TV

This title will never see the light of day. After project completion, it was decided the programme would take a different direction, rendering this title unsuitable to the content of the programme. Nevertheless - here it is.

// Art Direction / Design - Alan Eddie
// 3d Animation, VFX - Alan Eddie
// An RTÉ Graphic Design Department production
//Client - Niall Matthews / Ann Roper - Documentary Unit, RTE
//Audio Track - LCD SoundSystem - Dance Yourself Clean
// ©RTÉ

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fair City - End Shot 3d and SFX

This was an interesting simple job that proved a little harder than it looks! The original weather was dull and dreary for the shoot, with postponements due to water droplets on the camera lens. The shot had to match the original opening sequence - which was shot in the summer time, not mid - November. So I used 3d tracking software to track the move and proceeded to fix up the scene.

// Art Direction, Compositing - Paul Gibney
// 3d Animation, Tracking, Effects - Alan Eddie
// Camera -John Freeney
// An RTÉ Graphic Design Department production

// ©RTÉ