Tuesday, 9 December 2008

RTE ONE Xmas Idents

Well hello there! These are 2 Christmas idents based around the centre of Dublin. I technically supervised the shoot (great craic) and produced the f/x and 3d animation. People were curious and friendly until a car blew up outside Penny's - no kidding. They took their camera phones and wandered in that general direction. What is the world coming to when people want to photograph carnage, having said that I got some nice shots of the burning car. We had to wait until the smoke cleared to continue. It's all Christmassy and I really enjoyed working on these with Jim Booth and Conor Cassidy. I have posted a before shot, just to illustrate how threatening Henry St. looked. Thank God for computers. I also sneakily put my name into the ident, picture below. These will be on RTE ONE all over Chrismas 2008.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Breathing life into Peig

The aim of this was to extract Peig from an iconic photo, reassemble the scene in 3d and animate the contents as if it was a live shoot. If you look closely I gave her a 3d foot and she is breathing. Then there was the mouth to mouth. This never went to air as the project is on hold. Assembled in XSI/AFX/Pshop.
Click to find out who was Peig Sayers.