Tuesday, 9 December 2008

RTE ONE Xmas Idents

Well hello there! These are 2 Christmas idents based around the centre of Dublin. I technically supervised the shoot (great craic) and produced the f/x and 3d animation. People were curious and friendly until a car blew up outside Penny's - no kidding. They took their camera phones and wandered in that general direction. What is the world coming to when people want to photograph carnage, having said that I got some nice shots of the burning car. We had to wait until the smoke cleared to continue. It's all Christmassy and I really enjoyed working on these with Jim Booth and Conor Cassidy. I have posted a before shot, just to illustrate how threatening Henry St. looked. Thank God for computers. I also sneakily put my name into the ident, picture below. These will be on RTE ONE all over Chrismas 2008.