Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Meaning of Life (TV animation)

Just to remind you of Gay's skills in interviewing :
The greenscreen shoot was completed in about two hours. Gay had never done a greenscreen shoot before, but once briefed, took it in his stride. It can be difficult when you have to guess at your possible surroundings might be. It was shot by Dave Perry, with makeup by Fiona Hogan. The 'Bullet Time' technique was achieved by rotating Gay on a rented turntable. In creating the 3D and effects, we actually rotate the scene to match Gay's movement. While leaving the virtual camera static, this makes us feel the camera is travelling around Gay. An RTE News promo made a few years ago was a main reference for this technique. First, we edited the greenscreen footage to the track, then we keyed out the green. Then it was simply a case of generating all the imagery and compositing it all together. Perhaps 'simply' was a bad choice of word. We shot footage on campus that would become the park in which Gay is reading the paper in. The bench he is sitting on was built on the computer too. The 'Keep off the grass' sign was built in 3D and composited on to footage that was shot near the radio centre. The real camera move was tracked with software so the sign appears to be really in the grass. Thanks to Sean Condon and David Stafford for helping on the shoot.

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