Monday, 17 September 2012

IntelliFolders for After Effects


Intellifolders creates folders intelligently for items in the render queue.
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Creates folders based on composition names / filenames.
-5 options for output location

1.Project location (Where .aep file is saved.)  
2.Last used location  (remembered between sessions.)  
3.New location (Set all outputs to new folder.)  
4.Current location(s)   
5.Memo location - save a location that you use regularly.

-Test your paths before you actually create them.  Paths will list without affecting the render Q,  
when happy just click "Execute"
-Option to append a custom string to the folders (eg. -version2)
-Option to create folders just for sequences or all items   (.mov, .avi etc.).
-Option to append today's date to the folders created.  (USA or EU format.)
-Option to make folder from filename rather than comp name.
-Option to use item and module numbering.
-Script checks for existing folders if you are creating one with the same name,
 it will skip the module and continue.
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